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Meet the Entrepreneur

Name: Sarah Mzae
Company: Piki Piki Solutions Ltd
Location: Nairobi, Kenya

My name is Sarah Mzae, Founder and Director of Piki Piki Solutions. I am married with two children.

We provide quality, durable and profitable solutions to motorcycle owners.

My business’ goals and initiatives (Service, Trust, Honesty, Fairness and Integrity) are defined by my faith in Jesus Christ and His word. James 2:22 “you see, his faith and his actions worked together. His actions made his faith complete.”

I started this business in response to the community’s need for quality and profitable business.

Many young people in the community are unemployed and have eventually ventured into business, specifically the transportation industry. Because most of them cannot afford to buy a vehicle for taxi business ($9,000), they opt to have motorcycle taxis instead ($1,100). Sadly there is still a large number that cannot afford to buy a motorcycle upfront.

My desire is to serve this group of people by helping them setup affordable businesses through Rental, Lease-to-own and Installment plans. This way I can serve hundreds of people in the community instead of just the few who can afford an upfront cash-purchase.

At the moment I am experimenting Lease-To-Own with David, owner of Act-On-Time-Courier-Services. I met David two-years ago when his motorcycle had an engine-oil leak. I told him about the qualities of the Honda brand and now he is the first beneficiary of our new initiative. He says;
“I use my Honda bike for deliveries. It is faster with very good fuel consumption. My customers are very happy with my services.”

Piki Piki Solutions Ltd is a family business owned by my husband, George, and myself. The business was started with a desire of linking prevailing needs with solutions. We identified an opportunity in the market, the growing need for quick, reliable and affordable transportation for people and their products. We therefore started the business with a desire of linking these needs with solutions. After doing our research, we identified our supplier, Honda Motorcycles Kenya Ltd, mainly because they were offering a well-known, reliable and quality brand.

Project Description:

Piki Piki Solutions, which means Motorcycle Solutions, provides quality, durable and profitable solutions to motorcycle owners. We have 2 outlets in some of the fastest growing towns in Kenya, Maragua & Kitengela.

Alternative Proposition: We provide outstanding sales, rental, and service of highly reliable Honda Motorcycles to consumers, taxi owners, and fleet owners.

We have a competitive advantage in that we are the only Honda Authorized and Approved Dealer in those 2 regions in the country.

Our company offers an opportunity for partnership through capital investment. We are at a scaling stage in this business and the capital investment will enable us set up the new initiatives we have projected in 2017.

Existing Business Model:

Our customers are mainly the Motorcycles Business Owners; who are usually walk-in customers or referred to us by our existing customers.

Our projection is to continue selling 20 motorcycles per month (240 motorcycles per year) to individual customers through our 2 outlets, and hopefully continue increasing this number as a results of our marketing efforts:

  • Promotional campaigns and test/demonstration rides
  • Billboard
  • Fliers
  • Radio advertisement
  • Referrals
  • Commission to existing customers who refer new ones to us – $10 (Ksh1,000)
  • Petrol worth $3 (Ksh300) with every bike sold
  • This is in addition to the various promotion activities from our supplier, Honda Motorcycle Kenya Ltd

Project Impact on Faith:

Faith is complete trust or confidence in something or someone. In my case, my faith is founded in Jesus Christ and His word. It is with this perspective that I have defined my business’ goals and initiatives – Trust, Honesty, Fairness and Integrity.

In Piki Piki Solutions, it is our objective to make Jesus attractive to those we interact with. This should hopefully lead to intentional spiritual conversations as we live out our faith through this business. James 2:22 “you see, his faith and his actions worked together. His actions made his faith complete.”

My customers are Motorcycle Taxi business owners. I have demonstrated my faith to them in that I have been true to my word and supplied the original and fairly priced products. They have therefore gained confidence in me, creating a loyal clientele base. They are in turn learning to be trustworthy; they faithfully pay for the products and services. Three years ago we lost 3 motorcycles in a break-in. One customer asked how we planned to recover them and I explained we had launched an insurance claim and were trusting God with the rest. He advised that a witchdoctor would surely help us recover the bikes. That was an opportunity to share my faith with this customer, which he thought was ridiculous. But much later he shared that he had actually seen God’s care and provision through our experience.

Project Documents

Lean Canvas for Boda Boda (PDF – 84KB)
Piki Piki Powerpoint Presentation (PDF – 1108KB)

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