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Project Location

Location: Campus of Daystar University, Machakos, Kenya.

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Project Description

The Nairobi Venture VillageTM is a comprehensive solution to training, mentoring, and funding social entrepreneurs in the developing communities surrounding Nairobi, Kenya.  This project is a collaborative effort between Agora Enteprises, Daystar University, and NavVentures. The Venture VillageTM will be a hub of entrepreneurial support and activity, including a full-scale 12-week Accelerator Program.By equipping entrepreneurs to effectively start successful social enterprises that yield a profit, create jobs, and seek holistic community betterment, the Venture VillageTM provides catalyzes lasting community transformation on a spiritual, social, and economic level.

Social Entrepreneurship Venture Village Agora Enterprises

Project Background

Access to entrepreneurial training and resources as well as startup funding is rare for would-be entrepreneurs in developing communities.Yet the start of new businesses that create jobs and positively impact their communities is key to a sustainable solution to the problem of poverty. As Jim Clifton notes in The Coming Jobs War,

What the whole world wants is a good job.

Agora’s unique Venture VillageTM solution seeks to answer that global dream by equipping developing-world entrepreneurs with the same training, resources, and funding opportunities that are available in developed communities. These entrepreneurs can then start businesses which in turn create job, pulling people out of poverty, off the streets, and out from the grip of trafficking and other oppressive crimes.

The Nairobi Venture VillageTM is a collaborative effort and the pilot launch of Agora’s unique Venture VillageTM solution. Nairobi provides a context to pilot the program in a better-developed area with two strong partners to give the program higher viability, lower risk, and greater potential for expansion and recognition. Daystar University already has a school of business and entrepreneurship in place. The Venture VillageTM will be hosted on Daystar’s campus and will serve both the student population as well as the surrounding community of entrepreneurs and business owners.

The Venture VillageTM will give entrepreneurs and business owners in Kenya the opportunity to participate in a global community of social entrepreneurship. It will give them access to much-needed resources and funding. It will provide them with collaborative opportunities and expert mentoring. All of these things will boost the overall success rates of entrepreneurship in Kenya.

Program Details

The international startup community has identified 5 critical spheres of entrepreneurial development that are critical to the success of entrepreneurs:

Social Entrepreneurship Venture Village 5 Critical Stages Entrepreneurial Development

The Venture VillageTM is built around these 5 proven elements with an added integration of holistic care that includes family, faith, and community transformation. The Venture VillageTM  is specifically designed with social entrepreneurship in mind, equipping entrepreneurs to not only start businesses that are profitable but are also effective creating a positive impact on its employees, vendors, and surrounding community.

Hub of Entrepreneurial Activity

The Venture VillageTM will be accessible to all entrepreneurs and business owners in the area, serving as a physical hub of entrepreneurial activity and business development. Participants can join the Venture VillageTM community and receive access to a host of fee-for-service opportunities, including:

  • Assessment and counseling using culturally-appropriate tools to evaluate leadership skills, entrepreneurial capacity, business acumen, marital and family strength, personality, business viability, and more
  • Help developing a solid business canvas
  • Mentoring with seasoned business professionals
  • Lean startup training courses
  • Advanced education business training courses
  • Peer-to-peer cohorts
  • Networking
  • Workshops and seminars
  • Opportunities to learn from and collaborate with local entrepreneurs/business owners
  • Funding opportunities through InvestnUs, donated funds and impact investment groups

Accelerator Program

The Nairobi Venture VillageTM will launch with a full-scale 12-week Accelerator Program during which time 15 business founders and their teams will receive rigorous and comprehensive preparation for business launch. The Accelerator will concentrate on lean strategic startup principles with the end result of a completed business canvas broken down into monthly action plans. At the end of the program, participants will present their business before the public in a demo day and to potential investors at a pitch event. The top three program participants will receive award seed money for their business launch.

The program will unfold as such:

  • Candidates are carefully vetted and holistically assessed
  • Participants are pair with a seasoned and trained mentor
  • Participants begin working on pre-class material and their business canvas with their mentor
  • Participants engage in Global Entrepreneur Training Bootcamp
  • Participants meet with venture capitalists and receive feedback on their business canvas
  • Participants present their business at a demo day open to the public and at pitch day before a team of venture capitalist impact investors
  • The top three participants receive award seed money at the closing award ceremony

After graduating the Accelerator, entrepreneurs will continue their mentoring relationship with their mentor and will continue to resource ongoing support through the Venture VillageTM community.


Agora and its partners are providing the funding for this first Venture VillageTM location. Future locations are designed to be self-sustaining through tuition and mentoring fees, . In order to fill the remaining funding gap to launch the Venture VillageTM and Accelerator Program, we need to raise $25,000.

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